“I know my love, the boys are coming with the medicopter can you hang on? – Dang it, Desere why can’t we just save her! Please, please let me heal her with Corre! I can, I know I can or – you, you can. Please she is dying!” His anguish at the thought that he had the power to make a difference and yet the interference was not allowed in this freedom battle. “Who cares if people know! Jesus didn’t care! They can bloody well think it was a miracle! Desere. Please let me help her! I love her! She is my mate and you know it. I can’t, I just can’t let her die.” His tears were soaking her shirt, the sobs were interrupted by contained groans from Carolyn. Her body jerked and Desere, focused, said nothing to Louis’s begging cries. I could not take in all the nuances, or complicated lines of providence involved in this moment – my friend dying in my arms.

“I can give you this gift.” Desre spoke, head bowed and released Carolyn’s feet. The fang marks now had red streaks running up her leg. Reclasping her hands together and speaking quietly, words I could not make out – light began around Carolyn. Her face relaxed and the gray became pink, and her pained eyes cleared. She lifted her hand and tipped Louis’s face to hers, his features dull compared to the spreading young glow. “My sweet one. It is you. You are right, I am your dove. How wondrous that we should meet only shortly here – I – I will start preparing a place for you to join me. I, oh Louis, thank you, thank you for these moments on Earth.” She shifted to push herself up off me, and Louis lifted her gently into his waiting arms, and for a moment the two faces were one, then the light diminished. Louis lifted his head to the sky and cried a screaming curse, only to bow his head in defeat, weeping silently, anointing Carolyn’s head with his tears. 

– this is from a book I am writing about the ancient word. Enjoy.