The lord teaches us how to live a good life,this is what all religions teach.We find that one should make a decision of doing good things to the neighbor.

    All religion is to life and the life of  a religion is to do good.The lord teaches us in His word how to live a good life ,He teaches us on how to stop doing evil and start doing good.

  The lord gave each of us freedom of choice,the Lord does not force anyone to the decision, he teaches us all ways and he let us chose according to the freedom He has given us.

Its our duty to make the decisions, through His word we know that those who live good life come to Heaven and those who live bad life go to Hell.

 Those who walk in the Lord seeing evil as evil and get away from it,keeping the Commandment come to Heaven.let make our choices while we are on the natural world because life after here will be based according to the decision you make.Does anyone want to live a good life now and forever?