In reading over a recent post, #10 at the bottom of the bottom of Swedenborg and Spiritism and Spiritualism, I was struck by the usage of “Emanuel” in some statements instead of “Swedenborg.”

I had never thought about it before, but “Swedenborg” certainly seems the appropriate term when referring to him in his great revelatory use, and its iconic dimensions amidst the noteworthy men of religious history.  However, when we’re talking about Swedenborg the man, or boy, “Emanuel” seems a much better fit.  This is not a new idea;  “The Swedenborg Epic,” for instance, uses “Emanuel” in a similar way. There may be more to this than first meets the eye, actually, since, as a friend pointed out, the New Testament figures were indentified by their first names (Peter, Paul, Timothy, etc) but later theologians and leaders are typically referred to by their last names (Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, etc.).  In any case, the issue seems worth dusting off and considering further to determine whether it should, perhaps, be standard usage.