Swedenborg’s influence – some things added – more info welcome

On our Swedenborg’s influence page, we’ve been collecting more data, and there’s a lot more to do.  We’re trying to develop a reliable, comprehensive list – and it is quite amazing but still in the early stages. If you know of other influential people who should be on our list, or have evidence to support the lines of influence, please let us know.

A Spanish translation of Heaven and Hell

The New Christian Bible Study Project has imported a Spanish translation of Heaven and Hell. Here’s a link: El Cielo y El Infierno. It’s a 1911 translation that was done by Dr. Calleja. The team at swedenborg.es worked with the New Christian Bible Study people to provide this. More Spanish translations are on the way, and the NCBSP site also has Swedenborg’s works in other languages, too.


Theistic Science. Is that plausible?

Dr. Ian Thompson, the New Zealand-born nuclear physicist, says it is. He recently published a book entitled Starting Science from God. In it, he advances an argument that science and religion to not need to be in conflict. He believes it is plausible to posit that there is a God, and to develop a theistic philosophy that meshes well with what we know from science. This book is not for light reading, but that’s good — it’s a serious book by a serious scientist about a serious subject that really digs into the big questions. Here’s a link to Dr. Thompson’s website: http://www.beginningtheisticscience.com/

New Christian Education: Where?

This is just a brief post, but it could be the start of an interesting line of research; there’s actually a lot of interesting history at the intersection of New Christian thought and educational philosophy. For a sneak preview, you might want to look up Friedrich Froebel, Alice Putnam, Helen Keller – all educational pioneers.

However, in this post, we just wanted to point out this list of New Church schools in the US, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, and the Philippines: