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Swedenborg’s influence – ...

Swedenborg’s influence – some things added – more info welcome

On our Swedenborg’s influence page, we’ve been collecting more data, and there’s a lot more to do.  We’re trying to develop a reliable, comprehensive list – and it is quite amazing but still in the early stages. If you know of other influential people who should be on our list, or have evidence to support […]

New Christian resources – a new...

New Christian resources – a new page

We added a new page: New Christian resource links.

We added a bookstore!

We added a bookstore!

You probably know all about our great Swedenborg Digital Library, with its online texts of a lot of useful books. Well, in addition to that, we’ve just added a Swedenborg Bookstore here, in concert with New Church Allied Publishers.

A Spanish translation of Heaven and H...

A Spanish translation of Heaven and Hell

The New Christian Bible Study Project has imported a Spanish translation of Heaven and Hell. Here’s a link: El Cielo y El Infierno. It’s a 1911 translation that was done by Dr. Calleja. The team at worked with the New Christian Bible Study people to provide this. More Spanish translations are on the way, and […]

New Church School Links

New Church School Links

We’re adding pages with brief descriptions of various New Church schools around the world, along with links to their sites. So far, we have pages for Toronto, Pittsburgh, Bryn Athyn and Washington’s schools.

Another new page: New Christian Educa...

Another new page: New Christian Education

We added another new page to the site; this one on New Christian education. It’s going to be the start of a set of pages on the New Church schools around the world, and the useful work they are doing.

New page: Swedenborg’s Influenc...

New page: Swedenborg’s Influence

We’ve added a new page, on Swedenborg’s influence. It includes a list of some 150 well-known people who were Swedenborgians, or who were significantly influenced by his work.

Theistic Science. Is that plausible?

Theistic Science. Is that plausible?

Dr. Ian Thompson, the New Zealand-born nuclear physicist, says it is. He recently published a book entitled Starting Science from God. In it, he advances an argument that science and religion to not need to be in conflict. He believes it is plausible to posit that there is a God, and to develop a theistic […]

Another good resource: The New Christ...

Another good resource: The New Christian Bible Study Project

Here’s another site that lets you read the Bible and commentary on its inner meaning from Swedenborg’s works, side by side. Plus there are explanations of Bible words and phrases, Bible stories, and spiritual topics. Here’s the link:

Interesting resource: a YouTube Chann...

Interesting resource: a YouTube Channel called: offTheLeftEye

There are a lot of useful resources for the New Christianity online. Here’s one: the YouTube channel offTheLeftEye. It’s got a good collection of short videos exploring Swedenborg’s Writings and New Church theology. Here’s the link: